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  • Ricardo Serrão Santos

    MEP, S&D Group

  • Sea for Society Project and Results, the Blue Society Concept and recommendations to the European Commission and Stakeholders

    By Sea For Society partners and Blue Society Expert Group

  • Philippe Vallette

    Director General, Nausicaá

  • Manuel Cira

    Head of Cultural Service, Nausicaá

  • François Simard

    Deputy Director and Senior Advisor for Fisheries, Global Marine and Polar Programme, IUCN

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    Office Coordinator, FCT Ocean

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    DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

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  • Tiago Pitta e Cunha

    Adviser for Science Affairs, Environment and the Sea, Cabinet of the President of Portugal

  • Puri Canals

    President, MedPAN

  • Niall McDonough

    Executive Secretary, European Marine Board

  • Lara Barazi

    Chief Executive Officer, Kefalonia Fisheries

  • Francis Vallat

    President, Co-Founder, European Network of Maritime Clusters

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  • Ricardo Serrão Santos

    MEP, S&D Group